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Why do I need this?

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about outsourcing your social media management!

Save time and be more creative

When you someone else working on and producing your social media strategy you shouldn’t have any questions about how often posts will be made or where they will appear. With a written, defined, social media strategy will free up time for your to spend on other areas of your business. You will not have to think about social media all the time – only occasionaly, when the times comes around to review the strategy and see how things have been going over the last few months.

Understand your target audience

We’ll take the time to underastand and get to know your target audience? Part of the social media strategy will include looking at your target audience and getting a clearer picture of who it is you’re talking to, and more importantly who you are not talking to, but should be! If your target audience is on Facebook and you’re spending all your time on Twitter – you’re clearly missing each other (and wasting valuable time and often money). We’ll also look at what types of content your target market prefers to consume and tailor the messages accordingly. If you are not getting to your target audience – you’re not going to be able to sell to them.

Analyze your customer needs

Just by the nature of social media, it’s one of the best places to get feedback about your business in real time. Your customers will talk about you, message you, and may even take part in the conversations online. Being able to follow and respond will help you appear caring and responsible, which will help customers feel good about your brand. 
Are customers asking the same questions over and over again? This might mean your website is confusing or the information they are looking for is too hard to find.  It may uncover the need for education around a particualr topic. This valuable feedback may provide ideas for new products or services.
 Participating in the conversations online (and even sitting back and just listening) can tell you a lot about the state of your business, your industry, and your customer’s needs.

Stay competitive

This might be the most important reason to have a social media and digital publicity strategy. It helps you stay ahead of the competition. With your daily/weekly/monthly posts planned, you get to concentrate on other business activiites that together help you stand out in your niche. With a strategy, you’re able to analyze what’s working and what’s not working in your business month by month, giving you the chace to make changes where neccessary.

Consistency with your brand Strategy

Having a social media strategy that ties in other elements of your brand such as your brand voice, key colors, tone, and message will help you have a cohesive online presence.

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