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Because each client will have different requirements according to their business, their goals and their expectations it is impossible say exactly how much our digital publicity service will cost until we have carried out an audit and put together a proposed plan. However, we have laid out guideline costs below, which outline typical activity and the rough cost at each level.

Consultation and analysis – FREE

Quick status check. Production of a brief summary of what we could do, together with rough costs.

Detailed plan – £500

In depth analysis of existing web site, social media channels, mailing list, integration. Creation of plan, editorial calendar, social media channel strategy, key metrics. Preparations as required to ensure consistent identity across chosen output channels.

On-going costs – From £250 / month

Roll-out. Digital publicty activity and plan implementation.

Basic – £250 – 1/2 day / month

Better – £500 – 1.5 days / month

Best – £1000 – 5 days / month

Note: All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate. The prices above are indicative only and may require adjustment higher or lower based on the particular strategy put in place to promote your business.

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